I like not fitting in

For somebody that belongs….or says they belong, to the gay/queer community, I will never fit into that world..

I’m so sick of trying to meet men to connect with. It’s really just an entire waste of energy. They’re either an ocean away, taken, not into anything serious, not monogamous; the list is never ending.

I get so sick of the only guys that seem to be interested are old enough to be my grandfather, straight men who want a quickie while the wife and kids are away..guys with no job and no car. Is there ever going to be somebody for me?

This is probably the part where some dumbass conservative family member would chime in with something like “well this is just the Lord telling you to be straight”….bitch please. If I can’t get a man, I’m not going to get a woman either. And I don’t want to. At this point, why should I give a fuck about wanting anyone? People in my life for the most part have become a waste of time. I have friends, I have acquaintances…blah blah…

I’m losing more and more faith with (gay) people the more time goes on..

Unpopular opinion: gay men are trash.

Peace, babe. Xoxo

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