More about me..

Well I’m a knitter. And I crochet. I actually started with crochet long before I began to knit. 15 years crochet and 8 years knitting if you want to be exact.

I love to read. I try to read as much as I can when my time isn’t consumed by yarn. My favorites are books filled with historical fiction, dystopian worlds, and horror monsters. I have a huge obsession with werewolves. Because I’m hairy? Maybe.

I’m a simple guy. Very much a homebody. Mention Netflix and a cup of coffee and I’m there. As long as I can bring my knitting, crochet…something to keep my hands busy.

I love coffee. All coffee. Almost all coffee. Bring me coffee!

As the title says, I am queer. I used to say I’m gay, but honestly I think queer applies to me better. There’s no big meaningful story behind it. I just like it. Thanks for not making me explain.

I am considered disabled. I was born with a more serious case of scoliosis. I have two metal rods fused to my spine. (There’s a third rod, but I’ll let you guess where that one is). I’ve had multiple surgeries and had my second (or third?) spinal fusion by the time I was 5 years old. I’m a fighter.

I’m a hairy guy. I have a scruffy beard. I have hobbit feet. Other than my face, I have never shaved or trimmed anything. Still enjoying this blunt honesty?

So yeah that about sums it up. That’s me. Take it or leave it. Love ya. (Not really. Not even a little bit.)

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