Blah, Blah, Blah..

Hey. I’m Caleb. And this shit is about me. This isn’t a happy blog about gay pride. It isn’t about an amazing journey I’m going on to find myself. Or about coming out and finding acceptance in friends and family. No; it’s none of those things.

This is about being a person of disability in the queer community. How being that kind of person apparently makes you an undesired pariah. About how dating is basically nonexistent and you’re more likely to find a unicorn out on Main Street in broad daylight during rush hour shooting rainbows and glitter out of its ass. Or about how everyone is too busy trying to find themselves instead of having life goals or ambition anymore. Somebody like me is usually only desired for quick hookups on the side by those who have wives and kids at home, or the ones who are old enough to be Father Time or Santa Claus. Actually, Santa wouldn’t be so bad. He probably smells like cookies….but anyway, I am the one usually chosen out of desperation..

Mostly this is about my life, and how I see the world. Buckle up, bitches. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. And the faggotry just got real.


An angry bitter queer..

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